A better life is within arm's reach.

A better life is within arm's reach.


Are you struggling to identify what is keeping you stuck? Not the obvious issues holding you back, but the hidden ones that when revealed will lead to the peace and joy you know exists inside of you...

Muscle Testing Academy is a learning center designed to teach you how to bypass the subconscious 'trickster', so you can get to the truth of an issue and resolve it with a series of FAST, SIMPLE and PROFOUND steps.

Quickly resolve chaos, conflict and suffering in your life.

Tackle every day challenges or difficult traumas with ease.

Become emotionally independent and resilient.




Acquire life-long tools that get breakthroughs in the areas of your life where you have been stuck. In this class, you'll experience first-hand the undeniable power of Muscle Testing and get step-by-step instruction in the art of Forgiveness.

Introductory Class


An introduction to Forgiveness, Muscle Testing and clarity to how you view life. We teach you how to unwind the story you're telling yourself, what is real and what is not real in your life. You'll walk away with more freedom.

THE Forgiveness Challenge


Forgiveness is the most powerful force in the universe if you know how to actually do it. In this live, powerful 3 day challenge you'll get practical tools, exercises and guidance on how to create greater peace and prosperity right away.

"With lightning-like speed, the muscles of the body go instantly weak in the absence of truth; they go strong in the presence of truth or that which supports life." ~ David Hawkins


Over 30 years of expertise

Steve Brinton has been using muscle testing as a therapeutic tool for over two decades to help individuals resolve their stories.

Peace of mind

Muscle Testing Academy is designed to liberate individuals and enable them with the tools needed to help others on their journey to freedom.

Letting go of the past

Each of us have experiences or conversations that move us, slow us down or stop us completely. This work helps you let go of what no longer serves you.


Meet Steve and Joyce

Steve and Joyce Brinton have been in the healing profession together for as long as they have been married, serving clients and their loved ones for decades.

Early in Steve's profession as a counselor he helped facilitate thousands of patients in their personal development but always at a cost he felt was too high to pay. Many of the journeys were filled with struggle and difficulty. It was often hard, slow, and gut wrenching work.

Steve knew there had to be a better way to go deeper, be less disruptive and get the same kind of results for his clients. After years of research, testing, investing, relentless determination, practical application and continuous encouragement and support from Joyce, he created it.

Steve and Joyce's innovative muscle testing approach to inquiry followed by immediate resolution of an issue helped their clients experience significant results with very little effort and a great deal of fun. In fact, the results were so powerful that their clients banned together and insisted on becoming students, thus creating the Muscle Testing Academy.

From resolving the darkest possible traumas to easing what seems like simple relationship differences, Steve and Joyce continue to facilitate their clients and students through profound transformations with ease and grace. They often describe a lightness to the deep spiritual work they do, which sets them apart from more serious, heavy approaches.

Steve and Joyce insist on fueling their sessions and teachings with the same key ingredients they use to create their life: a lot of light, hope, clarity, agency, affection, health, vitality, self-expression, connection, color, relatedness, belonging, peace, faith, love and joy.


We work with a few one-on-one clients. For optimal results, we recommend multiple sessions. While Steve and Joyce's therapeutic approach works quickly, there are typically many layers to work through and the question to ask yourself is, "How good do I want to feel?" Clients who see significant lasting results have chosen 10 sessions or the 6-month program. If you're not sure which service is right for you at this time, select Custom Packages and we will be happy to help you determine your best next step to getting the greatest results possible.

Session Packages

Create a Custom Package


Truly Transformational

"It truly has been transformational to go through the MTA. I had been really shut down from my own feelings and 'knowingness’ for a number of years. I wasn't even sure it existed in me anymore! Of course it did, and does, and now I use my knowingness to empower me to make decisions that felt impossible to make and stick with before. I'm grateful for the support of classmates. Through practicing muscle testing, it has helped me get through very difficult challenges."

April S

Greatest Investment

"The BEST part of MTA training for me was personally seeing and having experiences that can only be described as miracles. I don’t exaggerate that word, and I don’t use it lightly. This is one of the GREATEST investments I’ve EVER made in my life."

Clif B

Mind Blown

"I had initially seen Steve, I did not know what to expect. He was referred to me as “someone you gotta see”. I came in with an open mind, and after the first session, my mind was blown. Steve was able to clear out things I didn’t know I didn’t know. He is so warm in his ways and chair-side manners. Some revelations were amazing, others were very subtle, both changed my perspective on the world around me for the better. I would recommend Steve to anyone who wants to know more about themselves and overcome things easily and effortlessly..."

San T


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