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I’ve been using MT and it’s fabulous!! My customers have come in to the office stressed and some crying at the drop of the hat. Once we’re finished with the session people are always surprised to be free from all of the stress and worry. Most tell me the weight has dropped off their shoulders, they’re calm and relaxed.
— Carol Nelson
I saw how muscle testing was making positive changes in other peoples. Muscle testing has allowed me to loose baggage and clean-up my house. I had boxes of clothes that I didn’t want to get rid and held onto for 15 years and they are now gone..

— Holly Grounds
The Muscle Testing Academy was a unique and beautiful experience; it is hard to quantify or put into words all that I learned. As a high level overview, I learned the tools to proficiently facilitate Muscle Testing sessions. But, the reality is I learned so much more than that, about myself, how I interact with others, and how I view the world. Attending the MTA caused some monumental shifts in both in my life personally, professionally, and most importantly, in my relationship with my wife. Learning how to remove the lens of second circle, and see life through first circle has had an enormous impact on how I approach/handle situations. My wife and I are both MTA graduates, and being able to work on each other has provided tremendous advantages to us both. Before going through the MTA, I didn’t think we would be able to work on each other, but after having facilitated countless sessions for her, and she for me, I can honestly and confidently say we can. Being able to Muscle Test each other is like carrying around a marriage specific Swiss army knife. Anytime one of us is feeling stuffed up emotionally/mentally/physically/spiritually, she or I will get in the chair and work on our issues. Our Swiss army knife helps us root out our issues; we can then release those and let them go. Often times, the facilitator gets as much out of the session as the person in the chair. Being able to work with my wife helps me connect to her on new levels, and gives me a new level of appreciation for her. For me, going through the MTA was not easy. It brought up many difficult things that I didn’t want to deal with in my life. It required practice, diligence and many long hours Muscle Testing. However, while it was not easy, it has most certainly been worth it.
— Rob Warnick
I had initially seen Steve, I did not know what to expect. He was referred to me as “someone you gotta see”. I came in with an open mind, and after the first session, my mind was blown. Steve was able to clear out things I didn’t know I didn’t know. He is so warm in his ways and chairside manners. Some revelations were amazing, others were very subtle, both changed my perspective on the world around me for the better. I would recommend Steve to anyone who wants to know more about themselves and overcome things easily and effortlessly.
— San Tran
I saw a demo of the muscle testing and was intrigued so I decided to try it. I’ve been doing sessions with Steve every chance I get. My sessions with Steve has changed my life. It has shown me the things that I am not aware of that is holding me back and has enabled me to get out of my own way and move forward with ease. What I love about muscle testing is that it brings my issues into my awareness and I learn where it originated from and the best part is we release it during the session so when I leave it is already gone. In my traditional therapy sessions, I may discover my issues but releasing it can take a long time. In muscle testing the truth is revealed and the issues at the unconscious level is brought to the conscious level and reconciled. I feel so free from my own self. There’s no other experience like this. Steve is masterful at conducting the muscle testing and very gifted.
— Victoria Ricasata
I was first introduced to Muscle Testing and Steve by my husband who learned about it from his sister. It was a big shift in the way I think about issues that came up during my sessions. I was so unaware of how my head wasn’t communicating with my heart which creates incongruency within oneself and thus the feeling of “being stuck.” Once Steve was able to bring up issues that I, either wasn’t aware about or just had difficulty letting go of a negative emotion associated with a situation, I was able to shine some light on it and work with him to release them. I always feel so light coming out of my session. I call it my “therapy” although the method is rather unconventional. I don’t just sit there and talk to a therapist about my issues which would require some awareness. With Steve and his Muscle Testing technique, he is able use Yes or No questions to bring up issues that are hidden. It’s hard to explain but you will be amazed once you try it. It’s definitely worth a try.
— Thuy Tran
The BEST part of MTA training for me was personally seeing and having experiences that can only be described as miracles. Ij don’t exaggerate that word, and I don’t use it lightly.. This is one of the GREATEST investment I’ve EVER made in my life!
— Clif B | Mesa, AZ
Transformational, shift in reality, Energy, magical, life changing, brings me back to who I am, seriously important! Grateful, brings me back to my most brilliant true self.
— Kristi F. | Park City, UT
I had monumental shifts and was able to disappear constraints I never knew I had. I had profound breakthroughs in areas of my life that have been stuck in a never ending pattern.
— Barb O. | Salt Lake City, UT

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