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Muscle Testing Experience

Afraid of Life?

Grab a Fear Extinguisher and put out the Fear!!!

What is there to be afraid of in life?  Finance$?  Relationship Fails? Health challenges?
Career paths? Spiritual angst?

Whatever they may be; Fear of the future and regret of the past!
How long is your list? How many breaths of your life are governed by fear?

What if you had the tools to look Fear in the eyes, and not blink? Consider that each time you feared, you could grab a fear extinguisher and disappear the lie of Fear?

What would That be like? Peace? Freedom? Hope? Possibility? Power?

Get a fear extinguisher through Muscle Testing Academy. Put out the Fears in your Life.

We invite you to come, observe and experience Muscle Testing

Tuesday October 24th 2017
7pm - 9:30pm

Residence Inn Hotel
3021 East Banner Gateway Drive
Gilbert, AZ 85234

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