Christ Centered Energy Healing Conference

Last weekend our team at Muscle Testing Academy was among a massive amount of wonderful people at the Christ Centered Energy Healing Conference. A conference in Ogden with various modalities to help individuals find peace and healing. 

Steve was doing free muscle testing sessions and many people who were there had heard of muscle testing before. Some even felt they could write a whole book about it. We explained the method of muscle testing we use and Steve had the chance to demonstrate on some brave volunteers. Once these people had a conversation with us or had an experience with Steve, they were speechless. Never before have these people experienced muscle testing in this way. The biggest difference is that we aren't just using muscle testing to identify an issue within this person. We are using this method to find the issue then using the verbiage that is only available in the Muscle Testing Academy to clear it! REMOVE THE ISSUES COMPLETELY. 

The declarations, releasing, and revoking's are all taught in the 12 week academy. The verbiage is the secret. It is there that all the power comes from, releasing all the heavy baggage that you have been holding onto subconsciously or unconsciously for years. The transformation happens when we take responsibility for ourselves and when we do we are able to change ourselves from the inside out. Transformation starts with the Muscle Testing and then evolves with the verbiage. So you can be freed from the heavy emotional weight that has been keeping you from the relationships you want, the lifestyle you want, and you can gain full self expression.  



Never Start Your Day Off Without Doing This

Writing has been a great way to express myself, to inspire, to vent. All of the above. So every morning I sit down at my desk and start writing. I have nothing planned I just write down the thoughts in my mind. Thoughts about family, friends, work, dreams, goals, struggles, loss and everything else that finds its way into my mind. 


I have had bursts of inspiration while doing this. There is something profound about recording almost every thought I have at the beginning of the day. I believe that God ( universe, deity, light and truth ) will speak to you if He see's you are going to record these subtle inspiration. I have done this for years and have had so many better days because those thoughts rise to the surface and I'm conscious of them. So I can either act on inspiration or resolve an issue I thought I was completed with. 


                                                                                                                                Formula for depression

Writing every morning has helped me play a "bigger game." I have stretched my abilities that have gotten me to places I didn't think I could get to the night before.  Now I'm not saying I am where I am solely because of my daily writing habits. But I will give credit to writing every morning for setting the expectation for that day.


I invite all of you to do the same thing. Give it a try for 10 days and comment what your experience during those 10 days was like. 



My Story

I’m Steve Brinton and I am the founder and CEO of Muscle Testing Academy.  Muscle Testing Academy is a 12 week program that educates people on the modality of muscle testing; so that these people can use it to help others, liberate them to full self expression, and create other forms of income. Some students have even started doing muscle testing full time. Earning thousands of dollars every month muscle testing people. I’ve hosted four academies and have  had over flowing success with students. We have filled up all four of the academies (30 students max). I have felt humbled and have rejoiced with my wife for the success that has come from the Muscle Testing Academy. Because of Muscle Testing I have been able to meet so many powerful people that have impacted me in my life, my wife and I have traveled around the United States, hiked in places we never thought we would because of the freedom this outlet of Muscle Testing has taken us.  One of the greatest blessings that has come has been the shift in my own mind because of what happens in the Academy. Most of the time I feel like I change more during the Academy because of what the students share than the actual students. But it wasn’t always this way.


In 1990 my father passed away suddenly.  A week after the funeral I awakened to extremely painful mid-back pain that left me unable to walk. I knew this had to do with my father’s death. I remember not being able to walk and stand. I even had to crawl on all fours down the hallway of my home to meet my wife at the car so we could go to the chiropractor. I felt like a useless, broken child. With my wife’s encouragement I got into our car and literally crawled into the chiropractors office. It was painful, both physically and to my pride.  I finished up with the chiropractor and was able to get back on my feet, walking and functional, yet the mid-back pain continued.


In the year previous to my father’s death a friend of mine had been recommending that I visit Jan Graf in St. George Utah. Jas was working with Muscle Testing to help people work through their physical and emotional pain stressors.  What Jan was doing was completely out of my comfort zone, educational,  and experiential knowledge base. As I was repeatedly invited by my friend to attend one of his classes I laughed and rejected his request to meet Jan.


When the pain wouldn’t dissipate with ‘normal, acceptable’ interventions; I finally agreed to try out this new, “uncomfortable-for-me’” technique. I was feeling desperate. I wanted the pain to go away.  I drove to St. George, Utah on a sunny October morning, four months after my father had passed away. My wife and I had sat through this muscle testing experience for an hour and a half. I remember I could not stop laughing aloud through the experience because I felt so out of control at being unable to hold my arm strong. It was so strange to me. At the end of the session the pain in my mid-back had been completely relieved and I felt so refreshed. I had experienced a great deal of resolution regarding my father’s death and I was certain there was more to this muscle testing than I had anticipated.


I completed Jan Graf’s class and started practicing muscle testing.  I have refined muscle testing to what works best and have developed declarations to help people overcome tough situations in their lives.  Because of a persistent friend, a great teacher Jan. My whole life has changed and now I am the CEO of Muscle Testing Academy that has helped over a hundred people gain full self expression and freedom in their own lives.