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Learn tools & techniques that will eliminate your emotional baggage. 

At Muscle Testing Academy we give people the tools to access to peace, full self expression, freedom and power to enrich the experience of your life. Our 2 full day course teaches people our unique method for muscle testing. This form of muscle testing accompanied by our custom verbiages give both the participant and the facilitator a very productive way to understand and resolve the destructive behavior that is giving them unwanted results in their lives.

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This Is How It All Started:


Steve Brinton has been using muscle testing for 26 years as a tool to help individuals complete their Stories. He started Muscle Testing Academy three years ago to liberate others to full self-expression and to enable others to provide the same outstanding freedom that comes from doing this work. 

Every day each of us have unique experiences or conversations that move us, slow us down, or stop us completely. The purpose of Muscle Testing is to take those experiences and conversations that effect us and finish them. Leaving no residue or debris; and becoming free and gaining full self-expression for your own life.

Our Method: 

The Muscle Testing is a very powerful way to identify what is going on in your subconscious and unconscious mind. It asks "yes or no" questions. It's similar to writing computer code, in computer coding its 0,1,0,1. With Muscle Testing its yes, no, yes, no. You can track your own thoughts (with 'yes' or 'no' muscle testing responses) all the way back to the core of your unconscious mind to find out what thought inside your mind is causing you to have this unproductive behavior. 

Steve has developed a specific verbiage to be spoken throughout the session. Each session begins with two verbally spoken declarations. The first spoken verbiage will ground your energetics and in turn gives you accurate readings throughout the Muscle Testing session. The second spoken verbiage is a request for divine assistance. In many cases as we are facilitating this work of muscle testing we begin to deal with issues or transformation that is bigger than ourselves. So we ask for divine assistance to participate, help, contribute freely and generously with every participant in each session. 

Our method of facilitating a muscle testing session, it is in a very real way its own modality. First, we use the Partner method of Muscle Testing (the facilitator's hand pushing against the client's wrist of the raised arm). Combining the verbiage with the muscle testing gives both the participant and the facilitator an extremely powerful and unlimited space to access transformation. 

Getting Training:

Become an MTA Graduate and increase your ability to help others discover transformation and supplement your income. The training program is simple. 

  •  Complete the 2-day class.
  • Facilitate 60 Muscle Testing Sessions

Completing the Muscle Testing Academy training will give you the credibility, the knowledge and the confidence to become an active practitioner. Practitioners have the opportunity to generate a significant income, transform relationships, be contribution in the lives of others, and make a difference in the world. 



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